GRE Physics Sample Exams

The best way to review for GRE Physics is to do as many practice problems as you can. This is the only way you’ll get a feel for the exam, which is going to be very different from any exam you’ve had as a physics major. The practice exams should be central of your studying. Do not waste any time on any other GRE Physics test prep material. Below are the all exams that have been released by the ETS:

Sample Exam 1 (GR0177)

Sample Exam 2 (GR9677)

Sample Exam 3 (GR8677)

Sample Exam 4 (GR9277)

Other reviewers (but not as important as the sample exams above):

Reviewer 1

Reviewer 2

Reviewer 3

Reviewer 4

Reviewer 5

You can also buy this reviewer (it is the best reviewer that is for sale):
Gre: Practicing to Take the Physics Test (3rd ed)




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