Get an updated browser on Linux even if you don't have root access

1) Download Opera at
 Make sure you choose tar.gz as the package format.

2) Unpack the package by running the following command:

tar -zxfv packagename


tar -zxfv opera-9.22-20070716.6-shared-qt.i386-en.tar.gz

3) You can now either run Opera without installing it, or install
it to a specified directory. To run it, run the opera



For a standard system wide access you should log in or suid to
root and type:


If you are only logged on as a normal user, the script will
detect this and give you a number of options.

You can also manually specify the directory where you want Opera to be installed:

./ --prefix ~/

which installs the binary to your home/bin directory and
documentation and opera shared files in similar fashion. Insert

export OPERADIR="~/share/opera"

into .bashrc or similar to set Opera's environment. You may also use some GNU prefixes.

./ --help

gives you a short list.



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