STN and TOP Higgs

1) Login to fncdfsrv20 as cdfprd_ntp

2) Run goops


3) Remove old nds files

rm nds*

4) ./sripts/newDataset.csh stn hhhp1a hhhs1a
Edit newDataset.csh, making sure you are using srv20 and srv22. Change p to s.
For TOP, make sure you are using srv21 and srv22. Change p to t.
For non Higgs TOP, change op to kt. For example ctopob ==> ctktob

5) Login using your FNAL username to fcdflnx1

6) Execute commands in nds1.txt (on fcdflnx1)

source ~herber/j6
source nds1.txt

7) add nds2.txt & nds3.txt to cron/master.cron

8) Execute nds4.txt to run datasetCreator.csh

How to make Stntuple Catalogs
ssh cdfopr@fcdflnx1
cd ~cdfopr/scripts

for Stntuple:
source cph1ai ph1 cdfpstn 20 pepe 000
If Files are Not Ntupled
cd ../Projects/stnmaker_prod_0s_z24pff/CatSubmit
rm stnmaker_prod_0s_z24pff.conf




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