Ebay is Suspending Cash Back Shopping with Ebates

I was suprised to receive the following email from Ebates this morning:


We are sorry to inform you that eBay is temporarily suspending cash back shopping with Ebates.com (and all other rewards-based programs) on June 16.
Because we know cash back is important to you, we want you to have the chance to make any eBay purchases by June 15 and still earn cash back from Ebates.

We plan to bring eBay back to Ebates.com by October 1 this year.

In the meantime, don't worry... Ebates continues to offer the world's best cash back shopping experience and will be sending out a series of special offers at your other favorite stores.

Thanks for starting at Ebates.com every time you shop online!


The Ebates Team

I guess, I won't be buying from Ebay until October 1 then.



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