Install ROOT on Macbook Air 2010 11" Running OSX Lion

I. Getting the source

To install ROOT from source you first have to get the tar file containing the source. This tar file can be found in the usual ROOT download area ( The files are named

Here's a short summary:

1) Get access to the FTP area (substitute any FTP client and appropriate
   email address below):

     prompt% ftp
     User: anonymous

2) Go to the directory, and prepare for binary transfer of files:

     ftp> cd /root
     ftp> bin

3) Get the sources tar-ball (substitute the appropriate version
   number), and exit FTP client:

     ftp> get root-.source.tar.gz
     ftp> bye

4) Unpack the distribution:

     prompt% gzip -dc root_v5.32.00.source.tar.gz | tar -xf -

II. Getting ready to build

You may want to compile features into ROOT, which depends on third party libraries. For OS X, all  you need to do is install Xcode. To install Xcode,

1) Go to the App Store then search Xcode. Click install (This will actually download Xcode installer instead of installing it).

2) When it is "done", go to the Applications folder and click on the "Install Xcode" file to install Xcode.

III. Install ROOT

1) Run the following commands to install ROOT:

       ./configure macosx64 --prefix=/usr/local
       make -j2
       gmake install




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