Don't Sell Your Books on

I was cleaning out my office this month and started selling my unused books on I sold about $400 worth of books, but two days before Half was supposed to pay me I got an email from them telling that my account is suspended.

Here's the email I got:

Hello xxxxxxxxxxx,

We're sorry to tell you that your account was suspended because recent account activity has raised serious security concerns. We've taken this precaution to protect our members while we make sure that the activity doesn't cause harm -- however unintentionally -- to the community.

Unfortunately, during the suspension you won't be able to use in any way.

Any remaining selling fees are due right away. Amounts that you haven't already disputed will be charged to the billing method you selected.

We need you to take action. For more information about why your account may have been suspended and what steps to take now, please go to:


eBay Trust & Safety team

They did not even bother telling me why I got suspended. I searched the web for reasons why sellers get suspended. I found out that it is mostly due to selling international version textbooks. I didn't sell an international version so I'm still confused why they suspended me. stole $400 from me. I would never buy or sell from or ever. I find it strange that big companies like can get away with such practices. I just hope that a law will be passed that will keep or to do what they deem correct to any person using their service.



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