Tale of the Thief called Half.com

After Half.com decided to suspend my account and keep my $400 earning, I tried contacting them. I asked what was the reason for the suspension and what can I do to get my money back. They emailed me back and told me to submit a lot of stuff including copies of manufacturer invoices or any other documentation showing  purchase or possession of items listed for sale. How am I going to produce this for my books that I bought 5 year ago? In their view, I am guilty unless proven innocent.

Their email is posted below:


Thank you for contacting us regarding your Half.com account suspension. 
Please allow me the opportunity to address your case.

I've looked into the situation and see that your account was suspended 
until we are able to confirm your identity and review current selling 
practices.  As a result of this suspension, your pending payment has 
been placed on hold.

These funds will remain on hold until either of the following two 
situations have occurred:

(1)  Payment may be released for earliest available payment cycle 
following the successful appeal and reinstatement of an account.

(2)  Sellers may request disbursement by mailed check a minimum of 90 
days from the account suspension date and the account owner's 
registration information has been confirmed.  Note that if the mailed 
check is to be sent to an address other than the one on record, both 
addresses must be confirmed.  This delay allows us to complete any 
returns or refunds before we can issue a check for the amount in your 
account.  Accounts moved from suspension to administrative vacation will
still have their payments held for a minimum of 90 days, calculated from
the date of their account suspension.  Please note, however, that the 
use of any alternate accounts to continue selling may result in 
additional delays to the minimum hold period.

If you wish to appeal your suspension, you will need to send all of the 
following by fax:

- A legible copy of the front and back of your driver's license or other
government issued ID.

- A copy of a recent credit card statement or utility bill clearly 
showing your billing address as proof of your registration information. 
Please remove any account numbers before sending.

- Copies of manufacturer invoices or any other documentation showing 
purchase or possession of items listed for sale.  This includes purchase
records and related documentation from suppliers and/or other third 

- A signed statement acknowledging that you have read and that you 
understand the eBay User Agreement.  A link to the User Agreement can be
found at the bottom of most eBay pages.

Please be sure to include the User ID and email address of the suspended
account you're appealing. If your fax does not contain this information,
it will not be processed. 

Please fax the information requested above to:

Attn: Half.com Appeals
U.S. fax number: 1-866-696-4842

What's the next step after you fax the letter of appeal?

Once you've submitted your appeal, reply to this email with a brief 
message to let us know to expect your submission.  As soon as we've 
reviewed your material, we'll contact you by email regarding the status 
of your appeal.


Half.com Trust & Safety Department



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