Ubuntu/Xubuntu Login Using Fingerprint Reader

Solution: Install Fingerprit GUI

Installation & Setup

1. If you have installed Fingerprint GUI before, uninstall it. Remove all binaries, shared libraries and undo the changes it made to your system config files (especially to files under /etc/pam.d/).

2. Add the following PPA to your sources:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:fingerprint/fingerprint-gui
    sudo apt-get update

2. Install the following packages:

       sudo apt-get install libbsapi policykit-1-fingerprint-gui fingerprint-gui

3. Launch Fingerprint GUI and enroll your fingerprints.

(Run lsusb on the terminal to find out the ID of your reader)

     045e:00bb    08ff:1683    08ff:2550    08ff:268b
     045e:00bc    08ff:1684    08ff:2580    08ff:268c
     045e:00bd    08ff:1685    08ff:2660    08ff:268d
     045e:00ca    08ff:1686    08ff:2680    08ff:268e
     0483:2015    08ff:1687    08ff:2681    08ff:268f
     0483:2016    08ff:1688    08ff:2682    08ff:2691
     05ba:0007    08ff:1689    08ff:2683    08ff:2810
     05ba:0008    08ff:168a    08ff:2684    08ff:5501
     05ba:000a    08ff:168b    08ff:2685    138a:0001
     061a:0110    08ff:168c    08ff:2686    138a:0005
     08ff:1600    08ff:168d    08ff:2687    138a:0008
     08ff:1660    08ff:168e    08ff:2688    147e:1000
     08ff:1680    08ff:168f    08ff:2689    147e:2016
     08ff:1681    08ff:2500    08ff:268a    147e:3001
     08ff:1682    0483:2015    147e:1002    147e:3000
     0483:2016    147e:1003    147e:3001    147e:1000
     147e:2015    147e:5002    147e:1001    147e:2016



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