Listia Credits to Dollar Exchange Rate (Conversion)

If you use the price to buy Listia credits as your reference point, you will be mislead to think that 300 to 400 Listia credits is equivalent to 1 USD.

What we want to determine is how much buying power Listia credits in terms of dollars. If you check Listia's reward store, you will find that they are frequently selling 10 to 100 USD Amazon gift cards valued 10000 to 100000 Listia credits respectively. Since, Amazon gift cards are almost as good as cash, you can use this conversion to approximate the cash equivalence of Listia credits. This will give you

1000 Listia Credit ≈ $ 1

So, when selling something on Listia make sure the use the above conversion to make sure you don't end up losing money especially if you are doing free shipping.



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